Why They Are Really Building More Jails and Prisons (Despite The Bullshit They Want Us To Believe)

jail2They tell us that jails and prisons are overcrowded.  They make it seem like they are concerned with the care and comfort of the incarcerated.


But, don’t you believe it.


They are anticipating more bodies filling the cells and are simply making accommodations for it.


Why, you ask?


Take a look at the socioeconomic climate: the underprivileged are being backed into a corner even more than ever.


Whenever there is extreme lack, the human mind will automatically resort to fight or flight.  With survival as its aim, rules and “appropriate” behavior are quickly tossed aside in the name of what works.


Many can admit that petty theft of nonessential items like gadgets or even clothing might be nonsensical.


But, what about when food is not readily available and the prospect of your family starving becomes a very real threat?


One might be tempted to risk freedom to avoid hearing the cries of a child who’s stomach is griping with hunger pains.


Think about the movie John Q.  That movie was a perfect depiction of the lengths people will go to for what should be basic human rights.


They know psychology.  They know that when the pain gets great enough, apathy will morph into anger.  And unbridled anger can bring about a criminal element.


So, instead of putting money into social reform, empowering an already down-trodden people, they immediately jump to negatively reinforcing poor behavior.


In these same cities that are building these facilities of imprisonment, schools are overcrowded, teachers are not properly equipped with supplies to teach.


Hell, they don’t even have textbooks!


So, they leave the burden on teachers and administrators to magic up the things that they need, on a pitiful income.  They expect them to lift up the future building blocks of society without so much as a conversation on how real change can be implemented.


And then, after teachers fail to produce these magic results, largely due to parents living in a constant state of emergency where they have a hard time putting that backwards ass common core math that they couldn’t even figure out if they WEREN’T so busy trying to figure out how they will simply survive another day with basic necessities, and the children plug into social media, where their friends are killing themselves and each other live for the world to see, where they are listening to music that makes suicide seem cool or exciting, where they are being put into these bubbles of loneliness where they are made to believe that nobody even gives a flying FUCK about what they are feeling on the inside…


When it gets too real to “them”, when it starts to spill over into their real lives, not just funding their homes, cars, children’s education, and other niceties exclusive only to “them” from the blood, sweat, and tears of those of us who are “beneath” them…


We become that shameful thing that they want to lock away and hide, hoping that it will wash away the blood on their hands, like everyone will simply get amnesia and get back to playing Pokemon or pick up a fidget spinner or two…


I, for one, am sick of them writing us off as lost causes after they have starved us, poisoned us, lied to us, and then turn around and punish us for being starved, poisoned, and lied to.


So, no, I will not sit by silently and let them blow smoke up my ass about why they are building more jails and prison.


It is not for our safety; it’s for theirs.


They are doing it to continue to get paid off of the “criminals” that they create who fall victim to the drugs that they are paid to allow to come into this country and the guns that they press into the hands of disempowered youth.


I see it and it’s not OK, so I won’t let anyone continue to glaze over the truth behind the false pretense of patriotism and justice.


Save that shit from somebody who is sleep.


Because my people are awake.


And we see you.


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