It’s Library Quiet This Black History Month – Why?

Has anyone else noticed the lull in our month, the shortest month ever, that we have been assigned as our month to be Black, proud, and nostalgic?


Don’t get me wrong; it’s definitely never been the celebration like, say, Cinco de Mayo for the Mexicans.  Like, they literally throw a party celebrating the number five like some lit Sesame Street with Cuervo.


But, again, why the lull?


Celebration of Lies


Many of us have come to realize that the history that we were taught and led to believe was ours was steeped in falsehood.  It may account for why many of the stories told were lackluster at least and blatant lies, at most.




There is no other race of people on the planet than Black people who are more disconnected from each other and anyone else, for that matter.  To converse with the youth of today, you find a bold disrespect unfathomable by those of us raised during a time when respect for authority was a given.


Now, they believe in giving what they get, even at the risk of being disrespectful.  I believe that this comes from seeing gross abuse of power.  They see it on TV, in school, at churches, everywhere.  This has caused them to develop this lone wolf, attack-first-ask-questions-later mentality.




They are living out a symbolic Walking Dead episode.




Sadly, we keep talking about the issues, but often times, the words fall on deaf ears.  Nobody is passionate or dedicated or something enough to sit at the table and say, “Let’s figure this out and let’s do something about it.”  As long as we keep getting our rations, there’s no need to rock the boat, right?


But, in all fairness, the feelings are valid.  There really is no more coming together in unity, or community.  There are a bunch of us and thems.  Judging each other by the clothes we’ve got on or how crispy ones’ fade is.


No, I, for one, have been quiet out of shame.


I could highlight the amazingness of some foundational Black leaders, but for what?!


To go back to killing each other on March 1st?


The past is great and, honestly, I don’t put too much stock in it because who knows what the REAL story would have been had the narrative not been spun to meet the agenda of the teller?


What I am most interested in is what happens now.


How do we repair what we didn’t break, what never should have been broken in the first place?


I, for one, propose that we:


  1. Treat every person and situation with compassion.  Do people make poor decisions which backfire and set of a chain of events?  Absolutely!  But, if reunification of the melanated tribe is truly the goal, we must first be willing to let go of all judgment and come to terms with the current state of affairs.  Because burying our heads in the sand or wagging our fingers only work to make people more defensive.  When the defenses are up, there is little chance for a positive resolution.


  1. Stop being so scary.  I’m not proposing being belligerent by any means.  I notice that, many times, we become so accustomed to settling for less than we deserve, content to sit in the back of the proverbial bus.  And this makes those who once weren’t comfortable with getting out of pocket and pushing us way beyond any line that should have ever been crossed feel that they can do so.  There is a way to be diplomatically firm without being a doormat or a bull in a china shop.  It’s simply about finding this balance.


  1. Teach our children.  Anything.  Everything.  Stop leaving it up to everyone else to teach our kids.  What goes in comes out, so if you don’t like the results that you are getting, it might be a great idea to decide that you want to help mold and guide your child.  Or else STFU about how out of control your child s one you get to the point of no return and are forced to turn them over as a guinea pig of proven failed methods implemented by institutions.


That’s not a giant list, but I understand that it’s an undertaking that can only see success through commitment, trust, and brotherly love.


I, for one, am dedicated to extending my talents, my knowledge, my power to making sure that I do my part to see a turn for the better in future history books.


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