Open Letter to the Wall Builders


Dear Wall Builders both domestic and abroad,


Great job.


I know your in-depth study at the Wall Building U being put to good use on a platform like none other does your mama’s heart proud.




However, while you’re over there sleeping on all the wrong buttons in the control center, there’s a US city that STILL doesn’t have clean water.


I get it.


I follow the updates.


Basically, the very system in which many of my brothers and sisters have been crushed under has turned on itself with its many attempts at legislation requests and forms and petitions and such.


The red tape winders are caught up in their own red tape.


And, legal implications aside, in everything that I’ve read or heard, it just seems that very basic solutions are being missed.


Just change the pipes.


Your vast business experience has taught you resourcefulness that has attributed you the distinction of intelligence.


Hey, if you were shooting darts at a wall and saying, “Let’s go with that!”, let us know.


If this is an elaborate Punk’D for a comeback episode with Ashton Kutcher…


*slow claps*


But, can you do me a favor?


Can you fix this now?


Don’t wait until the time is right.


Don’t wait until you get done with this wall or whatever it is you’re trying to do.




These are real lives that you are playing with.


You’re worried about some immigrants?  Hell, they’re some of the hardest working people that I know.  Get them and the Jehovah’s Witnesses together and I bet you that they’ll have that wall done in like a day and a half.  That, your wall, and any other silliness that might pop into your whimsical head.

La Cucaracha - lc160221comb_ts.tif

But, give those people their damn water.


Thanks In Advance.


I look forward to your Twitter rant.


Coco Tubman



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